HärjedalsKök – Press trip

HärjedalsKök – Press trip


HärjedalsKök is a Swedish kitchen company that specializes in custom-made kitchens through kitchen cabinet doors and quick installations, all produced in their factory in the heart of Funäsdalen. They have developed their trademarked method, called Härjedalsmetoden®, which emphasizes design, quality, and environmental sustainability. Their method focuses on adapting the new kitchen to fit within the existing framework and measurements, making it a more efficient and sustainable option during renovations. HärjedalsKök wanted to invite a select group of people to learn more about their company, and their kitchen-making process.


An exclusive press trip was arranged in Funäsdalen for a selected group of participants, including journalists, decorators, and influencers. During the trip, the guests enjoyed various winter activities in the sunny weather, relished in delicious local cuisine, and gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for HärjedalsKök’s brand values.

During the three-day press trip, the group enjoyed activities such as dog sledding and snowmobile rides and had the great opportunity to visit the HärjedalsKök factory to learn more about the company’s custom-made process and the materials used. HärjedalsKök demonstrated the production process of their products, showcasing why their kitchens are so popular.


The purpose of the event was to enhance brand visibility and establish stronger relationships between HärjedalsKök, journalists, and influencers. The press trip was a resounding success, resulting in collaborations between the company and influencers, as well as published articles about the brand and its unique approach. The participants described the press trip as a truly magical experience that they will never forget.