EKPR is a renowned PR agency in Sweden, with a proven track record of over 26 years.

We operate as a comprehensive agency, providing a diverse range of innovative and creative PR solutions.

Our approach combines digital concepts, influencer marketing, brand experience, and traditional PR methods.
Our primary focus areas are interior design, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food.

Our commitment lies in delivering a wide array of inventive and imaginative PR solutions, accompanied by highly personalized service.

We consistently adapt and fine-tune PR strategies for each individual client, aiming to maximize outcomes and attain tangible, measurable objectives.



May 14-15
Press Trip Auping, Holland

May 28-29
Press Trip Golvabia, Anderstorp

May 30
Press Lunch Chamois 10 years, Stockholm

June 12-13
Auping 3 Days of Design, Copenhagen

August 26-28
EKPR Design fair, Stockholm

August 27
Formex, Stockholm