Newbie – Autumn Memories

Newbie – Autumn Memories

Mission: Collection launch/influencer event

Create news value, visibility and arouse interest in Newbie’s autumn collection through a PR- and Influencer event. We wanted to elevate the Newbie brand through well-thought-out activities that go hand in hand with the brand’s values ​​and theme for Autumn 2022.

In august 2022, EKPR organized a press and influencer event at Siggesta Gård outside Stockholm. The theme of the Event was Autumn Memories and the goal was for the guests to experience Newbie’s magical fairy tale world with their children and create memories together. We wanted the children to be in the center and created the event around their experience. The styling was laid out for fun and games and we offered pancakes for lunch. At the end of the event, all the children got to feed the Alpacas at the farm.

Before the event, all the participants were treated with Newbie outfits to wear during the event, since we wanted to create the 360 experience and content.

At the end of the event, every family got a gift bag with pajamas from the collection to continue the coziness at home.


The event gained wide visibility and engagement on social media thanks to the credible profiles that visited the event.